Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Kombucha?

Kombucha is a fermented carbonated tea beverage. It has been around for centuries but became popular in North America in the ’90s. It has a tangy, slightly sweet taste and is usually flavoured with fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices. Check out our what is kombucha page to learn more.

Is Kombucha Good For You?

Healthy Hooch Kombucha is rich in probiotics and full of digestive enzymes, which contribute to healthy digestion. It’s low in sugar and calories and is a great alternative to most carbonated and sugary beverages. There are also naturally occurring b-vitamins, and a small amount of caffeine which can give you an extra boost of energy.

Where Do I Bring The Healthy Hooch Bottles?

Healthy Hooch bottles can be returned to any BC or Alberta bottle recycling depot for your deposit refund.

Can I Refill My Empty Healthy Hooch Bottles?

No, at this time Healthy Hooch cannot accept used bottles for refills.

Where Can I Purchase Healthy Hooch Kombucha?

Healthy Hooch can be purchased at stores throughout across BC and into Alberta. For our full list of retailers check out our find us page.

Does Kombucha Need To Be Kept Refrigerated?

Yes. Because Healthy Hooch Kombucha is unpasteurized it must be refrigerated whether it is open or not. This ensures that the flavour, quality and probiotics are all maintained.

How Long Can I Leave A Bottle Of Kombucha Open In My Fridge?

It is recommended that you consume kombucha within three to five days of opening. It will slowly start to lose its carbonation once opened.

Does Healthy Hooch Kombucha Contain Alcohol?

Our kombucha contains trace amounts of alcohol, less than 1%, and is legally considered alcohol free. Fun fact, many juices also have trace amounts of alcohol.

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