Healthy Hooch Kombucha is a premium, certified organic kombucha, brewed with care in Abbotsford, BC, Canada. We value our community, our customers and our consumers. We support local suppliers, source local ingredients and grow our own inputs whenever possible. 

Our Story

From Sport to Running a Business

Making the switch from professional sport into the “real” world is never easy. When you do a sport for so long it becomes your world, your community and ultimately a big part of your identity. Finding who you are without it can be, to say the least, challenging…

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Quality + Flavour

We choose premium organic teas, fruit juices, spices, and have developed our own fermentation methods to create a unique, healthful and delicious flavour.
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Healthy Choices

Healthy Hooch Kombucha is our way of contributing to the local and organic community. We’re sick of foods that make us sick! So we’re producing health-conscious products that taste just as good as they make us feel, mind, body and soul.

Crafting Our Brew

To us quality means so much more than a tasty product, it means safety, accuracy, consistency and artistry. Kombucha is just as varied from brand to brand as beer, wine or coffee, and we’re here to prove it. While we do produce small, hand-crafted batches and we are a ma-and-pop operation, we’ve realized that kombucha is a combination of both art and science.

Low in Sugar

Low in Calories

Full of Flavour

Customer Testimonials


Healthy Hooch’s turmeric sunshine kombucha lived up to my expectations, it is delicious and refreshing.


– Healthy Hooch Customer

Delicious and Unique

Healthy Hooch is one of my favourite brands of kombucha and this flavour in particular is amazing! The blend of different teas and fruits is very unique. I contacted the company as I need to be careful about “natural flavours” and they were very transparent and offered a lot of info. The natural flavour they use is certified organic and comes from naturally occurring chemicals in fruits and vegetables. It doesn’t contain carcinogenic preservatives to stabilize the flavours unlike other natural flavours.


– Healthy Hooch Customer

Delicious... and a bit funky

I love this kombucha! To me it tastes a little like a sour fruit beer – my favourite type of beer before I needed to give it up for health reasons. I’m glad I found a replacement that is not only good for my gut but my taste buds as well 🙂


– Healthy Hooch Customer

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Healthy Hooch Kombucha is available across British Columbia and into Alberta!